Roland Haller.

The world’s most exclusive dance teacher.

His unparalleled international career as a competition dancer in partner dancing is astonishing.

His unique and highly efficient method, which enables people to achieve remarkable dance skills, is nothing less than impressive.

That royals, VIPs and celebrities are able to not only have an unbelievable amount of fun, and experience something new, but to shine out on the dance floor in a very short time is inspiring.

That he, in his own unique way, has combined a successful dance career with intensive research work on the effective requirements of private dancing, is outstanding.

But what really impresses VIP customers is his unique talent to lend people, regardless of their history, their talents or their understanding of music, a physical and inner grace, attractiveness and appeal when dancing; to give them back the sense of being respected, accepted and noticed, in the best sense of the word; to boost their confidence, to let them feel safe, supported and guided on the shiny parquet of attention. Those looking on will be more than just impressed. Like you and your dance partner, they will be moved by the shared, radiantly joyful dance experience. That is true beauty.

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Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame

Undefeated world champion in Discofox/Hustle

Triple Swiss Latin Champion

Certified swissdance dance teacher & Member Latin IDTA

International judge

Lecturer at international dance congresses

Founder and owner of Switzerland's largest dance school